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Greater Victoria Community Literacy Initiative

Welcome to the Greater Victoria Community Literacy Initiative (GVCLI). The GVCLI started as a budding idea among a few literacy groups in 2014 prompted by two collective impact workshops sponsored by the Victoria Foundation. This initial thinking led to a Challenge Dialogue that engaged a much wider range of stakeholders throughout Greater Victoria in 2015. The challenge was: “To design a literacy support system for Greater Victoria that is relevant, sustainable and effective for individuals and the communities in which they live, learn, work and play.” All of the Challenge Dialogue documents are listed below and can be downloaded. For more information on the Challenge Dialogue System please visit this website.

The Challenge Dialogue helped to clarify the scope and the shared intentions of community literacy stakeholders and set the "intentional stage" to begin the design of a Strategy Roadmap in early 2016. The Roadmap was co-created by a volunteer, collaborative Design Team of 28 people facilitated by Keith Jones and Eric Lott. They developed a “Greater Victoria Community Literacy Initiative — A Strategy Roadmap for Collective Impact.” The Strategy Roadmap is a comprehensive and coherent strategy and action plan for achieving a shared goal and greater collective impact such that more people faced with literacy challenges in Greater Victoria sustain their commitment to literacy learning and acquire high literacy skills as learners. The Roadmap is an outcome-based, actionable strategy for change and improved performance all expressed on one page. For more information on the Integral Strategy Roadmaps™, please visit this website.

The Strategy Roadmap development process culminated in a "Collective Impact Forum: Launching a Strategy Roadmap for Literacy" held on May 6, 2016, where the Roadmap was formally launched and introduced to an extended suite of community literacy stakeholders. As hosts of the Forum, the Design Team helped their guests to understand the nature of the Roadmap and find where they "lived" in the literacy support system conveyed by the map. The guests also started to recognize how their work is connected with that of others in the literacy community. Over 60 stakeholders participated in the Forum.

With the completion of the Strategy Roadmap and delivery of the May 6th Forum, the Greater Victoria Community Literacy Initiative is now transitioning from the collaborative strategy design process to implementing the Roadmap, formative phase. This initial transition work is focused on two initial priorities – analyzing the results of dot process from the May 6th Forum and establishing an initial organizing structure, roles and responsibilities to support the initial implementation of the Strategy Roadmap.

The Strategy Roadmap provides an immediately useful framework for organizing groups and individuals in key roles for its implementation. The groups and roles are summarized as follows:

  • Stewardship Group (SG) with representative sector members, chair / co-chairs and support secretariat where the focus is on oversight and coordination of the entire Roadmap
  • System Facilitator “staff” role reporting to the Stewardship Group (effectively an executive director for the GVCLI)
  • Collaboratives with chair / co-chairs where the focus is on a specific / priority capability area
  • Action Teams with chair / co-chairs where the focus is on a specific / priority action – outcome couplet


As of September 2016, an initial Stewardship Group has been established and it is now in the process of securing the System Facilitator position. For more information on these developments on behalf of the Stewardship Group, please contact Jan Dupuis, Secretariat Support and Literacy Outreach Coordinator – email / 250-294-3026.

All of the Strategy Roadmap products are listed as follows and can be downloaded:


Funding for the development of the Strategy Roadmap was graciously provided by a Victoria Foundation Community Grant. The Design Team wishes to express its sincere appreciation for this essential support.

The Challenge Dialogue, undertaken in 2015 in advance of the Strategy Roadmap development, produced a number of documents over the course of its explorative journey. They are listed as follows and can also be downloaded:


We wish to thank the City of Victoria for its helpful financial contribution of a 2015 Strategic Plan Grant to assist with the Challenge Dialogue process.

For further information on the details of either the Challenge Dialogue or the Strategy Roadmap, please contact Keith Jones, R. Keith Jones & Associates – email / 250-598-2635.